What to do when a channel doesn't open?

Please note: The following tips are valid only for those who use a free list or the Community Mode. If this is not your case, contact your IPTV provider or our support team.

When a live channel opens swapped (with image from another channel), no sound, slow or with any other problem, click the two arrows icon in a circle in the player controls and wait a few seconds for Megacubo to open another transmission from the same channel automatically, as shown in this link.

But what to do when the channel doesn’t even open?

When you use the program in Community Mode, lists enabled in the program are typically free shared by other users. That’s why these lists can include outdated content that’s off the air or with the name changed.

When a VOD (not live) stream is down, use the search to find other links of the same content that are working.

When it’s a live stream, try the tips below:

1. Add a valid list

If you haven’t turned on Community Mode (under IPTV Lists), make sure you have at least a good list added in IPTV Lists > Add List (or My Lists).

If not, where would the broadcasts come from?

2. “Multi-transmission” options

Give preference for channels in options with the icon highlighted in green in the image below by clicking Watch Now. These options, instead of testing and opening one transmission at a time, test up to hundreds of transmissions to open the first one that works automatically, thus being much more effective.

3. Specify your interests

If you’re using Community Mode, you can teach Megacubo which shared lists you prefer. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. In Megacubo click on IPTV > Community Mode > Interests.
  2. Enter the name of your favorite channels separated by comma. For example: abc news, cbs, fox
  3. Click OK, close Megacubo and open it again.

4. Gather more lists

In Community Mode you can also specify how many shared lists you want to load. The more lists loaded, the more RAM the program will use.

If the channels are not opening, you want to increase this value, perhaps to the maximum.

If the app is slowing down your computer or device, reduce this value.

To adjust follow the steps below:

  1. In Megacubo click IPTV Lists > Community Mode > Reach.
  2. Adjust the slider to the desired value and click OK.
  3. To ensure wait at least 15 seconds for the other lists to load.

5. Copy a paid list

If none of the above solutions worked for you, a foolproof alternative would be to subscribe to an IPTV list to have quality assurance (private servers). With this you will receive an address (URL) which you can add to Megacubo by clicking IPTV Lists > Add list to watch.

6. Performance

If the problem is slow transmission and occurs on all channels, go to the link below for tips on how to improve application or broadcast performance: