Why use Megacubo?

The transmissions that you watch by Megacubo are not the responsibility of the program, but of various sites spread over the web. However this can bring you a basic doubt, if these sites have the transmissions, what are the advantages of watching by Megacubo instead of these sites?

1. “Miniplayer” mode

Something Megacubo does and no site can do, is play the channel in “Miniplayer” mode, so you can access any other site while watching your preferred channel in a small fixed player in the corner of the screen you prefer.

2. Ad Storm

Usually when you enter one of these sites, you come across a war scenario, where there are countless ads piled up on top of each other with a tiny X in the corner, where clicking you inevitably ends up clicking on the ad. In Megacubo, you do not need to go through this, seeing only a fair amount of ads determined by the transmitter itself.

3. My Favorites

Just like in your browser, in Megacubo you can press Ctrl + D to add the channel open to favorites of the program, that way, whenever you open the program you can go directly to your preferred channels. To remove this channel from Favorites, simply press Ctrl + D again (with the channel Open or loading).

4. Community

Finding all the channels you need in Megacubo is much simpler than accessing countless sites to be able to find the desired channel. If everyone contributed to the update of the channel list, no one would have to go through a whole pilgrimage to find a broadcast.

5. Channels being assisted

The more our community grows, the more interesting it will become the “channels being assisted” section, allowing you to observe the audience data of a channel on the internet almost in real time (at most one minute of delay in the data).

6. Record broadcast

With Megacubo Premium, you can record the broadcast you’re watching with just one click. No looking for links and downloading complicated programs.

7. Watch on your TV

Megacubo Premium also includes support for Google Chromecast, a device that allows you to upload videos from your computer to your TV. Just tune the channel and then click to stream the content to your TV, whether it’s a video or a live stream.