How to upgrade your Megacubo?

Megacubo is software that is in active development, so we frequently release new versions with important bug fixes reported by users, as well as performance improvements and new features.

Failing to upgrade your Megacubo, you may be coexisting with bugs that have already been corrected for other users, besides not taking advantage of performance improvements and new features.

How do I know if there is update?

To know if there is an update available to you is very simple:

  1. Open your Megacubo
  2. Click the info icon in the lower right corner
  3. Note the number of the version displayed, which will be in the format v 00.0.0, for example v 15.3.3
  4. Go to the Program download page
  5. Compare The version number obtained in step 3 with what is on the download page
  6. If the number on the download page is larger, you have an update available for download.

How to update

Upgrading the Megacubo is easy and simple:

  1. Download the new version installer by clicking here
  2. After the download, click to open the installer and follow the steps of the same
  3. Ready, updated program.

Note that you do not need to uninstall the previous version before, either to install a newer or older version.

I regretted it, what to do?

Sometimes the solution of one mistake ends up creating another indirectly. We usually test the program before launching, but are so many versions of installers (Windows, Linux, x86, x64, etc…) and program resources to be tested that some errors pass us unnoticed.

After updating, if the new version is not to your liking, you can easily return to the version that was. To do this, simply download this link to the respective installer of the version for which you want to return. After downloading, install it normally. Simple as that. 🙂