Broadcasting problems, what to do?

It is possible that when you open a channel in Megacubo, you will open a broadcast that has a problem, for example:

  • Opening another channel in place of the desired
  • Channel in another language
  • Slow transmission, braking too much
  • No audio, or even no video

If this happens to you, know that it is very easy to solve, see the step by step below.

1. Click to choose an alternative broadcast

Click the two circle arrow snow icon on the player controls. If your version of the program is older this icon will be from an antenna.

2. Wait a few seconds

When you click the button to choose an alternative stream, you will see the message “Tuning…” in the upper left corner of the program. From this point you no longer need to do anything else, just wait a few seconds while the program automatically searches for another broadcast from the same channel.

3. Relax and watch

After a few seconds will open the channel again, but this time getting the broadcast from another source, now just watch. In case this transmission also has the same problem, simply repeat the process by clicking again on the button indicated in step 1.

Easy, not? Was there any doubt? Tell us in the comments!