How to find content in Megacubo?

This article will show you quickly and directly how to use Megacubo to watch live TV and videos over the Internet.

How does it work?

The Megacubo is “powered” with IPTV lists (M3U format) that are provided by users to the program. Widely used in programs like Kodi and similar, these lists are something we can love and hate. Love because they give access to live broadcasts of various channels and hate because, when free, transmissions are subject to disappear “from one day to another”, which can occur when the person who is transmitting the content gives up or the transmission is Removed from the broadcast site due to miscellaneous problems. Therefore, it is normal that some transmissions do not work or even work in one day and another does not.

So unless you own a paid IPTV list, you’ll need to have a little patience testing some transmissions until you find the content you want.

If you are not a patient person and just want to “Click and watch directly”, a great option are the so-called “paid lists”, which you can easily find on Google or search your preference by searching for “subscribe to IPTV list” or “IPTV test” with Prices well “comrades”. In this case, when installing the program, select “Exclusive mode” instead of “shared mode”.

Tuning type

First of all, when you click to open a channel, it can open in two ways.

  1. Auto tuning: If clicking a message appears as “Tuning…”, it means that the program will test multiple broadcasts and return the first one it detects to be online. This process can take 1 to 3 minutes. This option exists to facilitate the user’s life, however as it tests many transmissions simultaneously, some may give false positive, as it appears to be offline only by the source server of the (third-party) transmission being slow or Overload.
  2. Manual tuning: If, instead, a message appears as “Connecting…”, it means that the program is testing a specific transmission. This form is more effective for connecting possibly slow transmissions.

If any channel does not open, know what to do at the end of the text in “channel does not open”.

Tip: As soon as the transmission connects and is playing, try minimizing the window to enable “Miniplayer mode”, it is quite convenient if you want to continue browsing or working on the computer while watching.

Being assisted

The simplest and quickest way is to confer what other users of the program are currently watching.

To do this, when opening the program click “Live” > “Being watched”. A list of the most watched channels is displayed now, just click on the channel you want to watch.


To search only the channels of a certain category, just click on “Live”. A list of categories such as sports, news, etc. will be displayed. Select the one you prefer and then a channel from the list.

Use the search!

The research system of the program is very “powerful”. You only need to press the F3 key and enter the desired channel or video name. Try!

With this, if the channel you are looking for is popular, you will have no difficulty finding several transmissions of it, then simply test the results to find a broadcast that is working. You can automate test results by clicking Test the transmissions below, this option will test all links in the background, and mark with a green icon that appear to be working and with a red icon that appear to be offline. If the channel or content you’re looking for isn’t “so popular”, you can increase the power of the program search by following the steps below, but note that this may leave the search and opening of the program a little longer.

1. Open the program and click Options > Tuning.

2. Uncheck the “Ignore broadcasts on webpages” option.

3. Click “Search Range” and choose “Extreme”.

Channels in my language

Megacubo displays content in the language that is selected in your settings. If the program interface is in another language, you just press the Ctrl + L keys in the program and select your language.

If your language is not on the list, please request the inclusion of your language in the project via our GitHub.

Channel does not open

It is normal for a transmission or other not to work, as explained at the beginning of the text. If this happens just follow testing other transmissions. In shared mode (no paid list), the most infallible method is to press the F3 key, enter the channel name or desired content, and test the results one by one.

Another tip is to use Google’s DNS, as some Internet providers are known for a practice called “traffic shaping” where, among other practices, access to some servers is blocked systematically through their DNS service.

If the channels that are in “Live” > “Being watched” do not connect, you may need to increase the tuning timeout somewhat.

To adjust this option, when opening the program, click the “Options” icon in the footer and enter “Tuning” > “Advanced” and increase the time of 60s to, for example, 90s.