Does Megacubo have any malware?

Does Megacubo have a virus?

A lot of people have that fear, which is common these days. After all, does the Megacubo have viruses or even can cause any damage to my computer?


Does Megacubo have a virus?

Megacubo is an open source program, which is listed on GitHub which is the largest open source software portal in the world and with a rigid policy against malware today.

The program code is made available in a transparent way to the entire community on GitHub, where anyone can analyze it in detail.

However, be sure to download the Megacubo from trusted sources, such as our official website or GitHub itself. When you download from other sites, you may end up getting changed versions of the program.


Does Megacubo install programs without my permission?

The Megacubo 2018 does not install any software without your permission.

However, the installer has offers of optional programs. These offers are just there to ensure the continuity of the program, always open source and totally free. Note that the program does not have advertisements, such as banners and popups, as well as does not receive donations, these offers the only way to cover the high cost in monthly traffic and the dedication involved in maintaining the project.

Don’t you like these optional offers? All right, they can be avoided in an easy and natural way, just read and select or clear them to tell the installer whether or not you want them to be installed.

Is it still too much for you? No problem, you can use the installed hosted on GitHub that never have any offers.

Moral of the story: Yes, the Megacubo is reliable, its working is transparent to any user thanks to open source and, as you have seen above, the optional offers of the program are not a problem, as opposed to this, it is thanks to them that you can enjoy the Program 100% free of charge.