Online TV, how to watch while browsing social networks?

Today we will teach you how to watch TV online, by your computer, while browsing your favorite sites. Do not need TV card or antennas, just a connection on the Internet.


Step by step

1. Download the application by clicking here and then on “Download Now”.

2. Double click on the downloaded file to start the installation and follow the steps of the installer to complete the same. If you have an error in the installation read this text.

3. At the end of the installation the Megacubo will open, click on “Channels”, choose a category and then a channel in the list, click it to open it.

4. Wait for the loading of the channel, which can take from 10 to 60 seconds, if this step takes longer than a minute or you get the message the channel is overloaded, just choose another channel from the list. You can find the same channel several times in the list, being every January 1 source, so if a channel does not work you can try the other options of the same channel in the list.

Okay, you’re watching TV online with the Megacubo

Are you ready! When the channel loads, if you want to navigate at the same time, simply press the CTRL + M keys or click the Third program icon (see image below). By doing this the channel will be played in the corner of the screen, as in the image below, and you will be free to access your favorite site in any browser or even work on other programs at the same time you watch.

Online TV in Miniplayer mode
Press Ctrl + M or click the highlighted icon in the image to activate the “Miniplayer”

In addition to the “Miniplayer” mode commented above, the program offers other miscellaneous features, you can even record live broadcasts or see which channels are currently being watched.

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