How to install the Megacubo?

In this article we’ll show you how to install the Megacubo in your computer in a few steps. Check out:


On Windows

  1. Download the installer by clicking here.
  2. After the download, click to open the installer and follow the installer steps to install.
  3. Ready! Your Megacubo is installed and configured, just click on “Channels” and choose the desired channel from the list.



Possible errors and their solutions

As not everything in life is flowers, it is possible that some error occurs during the installation, but do not worry, then we will show you how to solve each one of them. Look:


1. Program does not open

If you installed the program but it did not open at the end, or opened on the day of installation but not some day after, this may be a bug related to the Windows cache corrupting the loading of the framework NW.js, with which we developed the Megacubo.

To resolve, download the alternate installer and install the program again taking care to change the installation folder during the process. For example, if the installation folder is like …AppData/Roaming/Megacubo/ you can add a number to the end of the folder, getting something like this: …AppData/Roaming/Megacubo1/


2. False positive

Unfortunately, some antivirus software triggers alertness with newly-installed installers, taking days or even weeks for them to recognize the installer as secure.

There are two alternatives to get around this:

A. Pause your antivirus and download the installer, install and activate the antivirus again after installation.

B. Or, if you prefer, use the installer that is hosted on GitHub.



On Linux

Megacubo is already available for Linux with exactly the same functioning and visual. The Linux version is downloaded in a TGZ file with the necessary files to run the program, just download, extract, execute the command “chmod +x megacubo && ./megacubo”. The program requires the glibc library, which you may already have installed. If you have problems installing it, check the suggested commands here and here.