Keyboard shortcuts for Megacubo

Keyboard shortcuts make it quick and easy to use any program, so why waste time looking for an X option in a menu if you can perform the same action just by pressing one or two keys?

To navigate the program menu, use the and keys to move up or down in the menu, Backspace to return to the previous menu (a level above) and or Enter to open an option.

For you to gain time with the Megacubo, follow a list of keyboard shortcuts available in the program:

Enable full key: F11 or Ctrl + Enter
Exit the full key: ESC, F11 or Ctrl + Enter
Open URL: Ctrl + U
Restart program: Ctrl + Alt + R
Search: F3
Duplicate window to watch two streams simultaneously: Ctrl + T
Reopen the last transmission: Ctrl + Z
History: Ctrl + H

The following shortcuts will work only while you are watching a channel:

Stop transmission (stop): Ctrl + W
Pause / Unpause: Space
Add / remove bookmark – Ctrl + D
Write transmission: F9 or Ctrl + X
Change aspect ratio: F4
Enable or disable “mini-player” mode: Ctrl + M
Rewind in 10 seconds the transmission:  (directional right arrow)

Multimedia keys are also supported if your keyboard has them. With these shortcuts you are ready to use the Megacubo “like a boss”!