License and Terms Of Use

Megacubo is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1 or later.

Note that Megacubo is not available under any other licensing terms, especially not proprietary/commercial ones, not even in exchange for payment.

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Terms of Use

The Megacubo is a IPTV player application. Its a tool for watching live broadcasts from lists given by the software users and shared accross them. The software is opensource and freely distributed without any paid-access options or areas.

Install this software only if you agree with all the items below:

1. The contents played through the application comes from IPTV lists created by third parts and users, them are not responsibility of the software;

2. The developer assumes no responsibility for the legality of broadcasts, as well as no guarantee that they have good quality or are not disrupted;

3. This software cannot be marketed whole or in part;

4. The developer makes no commitment to provide user support.

5. It is mandatory that the end user agrees to these terms before installing the application. If you do not agree with the terms is sealed its installation and use.