Getting started with the Megacubo affiliate program

The Megacubo affiliate program registration is straightforward, but to ensure you don’t miss any steps before obtaining your referral link, through which you will earn your commissions, we have prepared this step-by-step guide to assist you.

Step 1: When you click the link to access our system, if you are not yet registered, click “Register”.

Step 2: Fill in your desired username and your email address, then click “Register” to confirm.

You will see a message confirming your registration and instructing you to check your email inbox to click the confirmation link.

Tip: If you don’t find the email in your inbox, remember to also check your Spam folder in case it ended up there by mistake.

Step 3: Open the received email and click the confirmation link. On the page that opens, enter your desired password and click “Save Password”.

Step 4: On the next screen, click “Log in” and enter your email address and password.

Step 5: After logging in, a form will appear asking for some basic information to set up your account. Fill it out and click “Submit Application” to confirm.

Step 6: Once this is done, you will receive a message informing you that we will contact you shortly.

Just wait until your account is approved; you will receive an email with the dashboard link once your account is approved.

Step 7: When your account is approved, click the received link and log in if necessary.

Step 8: Click “Review Terms and Get Started”, review the contract terms, and confirm by clicking “Agree to Terms”.

Step 9: The next screen will ask for your PayPal email address, which we will use to pay you. PayPal is our default payment method; to propose another payment method, please contact us.

  • Fill it out and click “Submit Payment Details”.

Step 10: Once this is done, your account will be ready.

Click “pick some creatives” to get your referral link and start earning commissions.

Need Help? If you encounter any issues, contact our support by clicking here.