Megacubo usage

At the moment hundreds of users are watching live TV channels with Megacubo

Compatible with Windows, open source and free. Click the button below to begin the Megacubo v16.3.1 installation.

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Also available for Android.

Why use Megacubo?

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Megacubo has several features to help you while watching TV on your computer, TV box, tablet or mobile phone.

  1. Miniplayer mode In Megacubo, by computer, you can watch in "miniplayer" mode, so you can access any website or work while watching your favorite channel in a small player fixed in the corner of the screen. To activate the "miniplayer" mode just minimize the program.
  2. No ads Typically, when you go into some website to watch online TV, you come across countless ads that are cummy, sometimes difficult to close. In Megacubo, you don't have to go through this, being able to watch freely without ads about the video.
  3. Favorites Just like in your browser, in Megacubo you can press Ctrl+D to add the open channel to the program favorites, so whenever you open the program you can go directly to your favorite channels. To remove this channel from favorites, simply press Ctrl+D again (with the channel open or loading).
  4. Find content Finding all the channels you need in Megacubo is much simpler than accessing numerous websites to be able to find the desired channel. Just press the F3 key in the program and enter the name of the desired channel to find it.
  5. Channels being watched The more our community grows, the more interesting the "Channels being watched" section will become, allowing us to observe the audience data of an internet channel in near real time (at most one minute of delay in the data).
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How to use Megacubo?

Download the app by clicking "Install" above.

Open it and follow the installer steps to complete the installation of the program. If you have errors in the installation read this note.

At the end of the installation Megacubo will open, press the F3 key and enter the name of the channel or content you want to watch.

Click on the content you want and wait a few seconds as it starts.

It's ready, now just watch. Like? So share with your family and friends!

Megacubo Premium

During the installation process you will choose whether to activate the Megacubo Premium, see below the features included in it.
Megacubo Premium
Compatible with IPTV Lists (M3U)
Shared IPTV Lists
EPG support (XMLTV)
Customizable visual
Chromecast™ compatible
Recording broadcasts
Recording schedule
Recurring recording
Price Free Free in exchange for
resource sharing