Why use Megacubo?

The transmissions that you watch by Megacubo are not the responsibility of the program, but of various sites spread over the web. However this can bring you a basic doubt, if these sites have the transmissions, what are the advantages of watching by Megacubo instead of these sites? 1. “Miniplayer” mode Something Megacubo does and Read more

How to upgrade your Megacubo?

Megacubo is software that is in active development, so we frequently release new versions with important bug fixes reported by users, as well as performance improvements and new features. Failing to upgrade your Megacubo, you may be coexisting with bugs that have already been corrected for other users, besides not taking advantage of performance improvements Read more

Speed Up your Megacubo

When watching some of the channels of Megacubo, the transmission can give some “hiccups”, this happens when a channel requires a faster connection or if the channel server is overloaded, with many users watching at that time. Check out some tips to improve a little the transmission of the channels, at the same time some Read more