Speed Up your Megacubo

When watching some of the channels of Megacubo, the transmission can give some “hiccups”, this happens when a channel requires a faster connection or if the channel server is overloaded, with many users watching at that time. Check out some tips to improve a little the transmission of the channels, at the same time some of these tips will also improve the loading of videos on sites like Youtube and other similar.

1. Enjoy your SSD

If you have a SSD disk, be sure to install your Megacubo on it. The Megacubo makes a reasonable use of the disk, so moving it to a SSD disk, which is much faster than a traditional HD, will give a good improvement in the performance of your Megacubo.

2. Be aware

For the good performance of the transmissions it is essential that your connection is free to be used, so be sure to close P2P programs, torrent or download accelerators while watching the channels, programs like UTorrent, JDownloader, Ares, etc. Keep in mind also that the number of people using the Internet during the day is much larger than at night and this influences the speed of the connection. So always remember that the night your Internet gets faster, especially at dawn.