What’s new in Megacubo 2018?

Goodbye, old year, Happy New Year! Anyone who accompanies us on Facebook should already know that Megacubo has been going through a “water splitter” reformulation. After the program completed 10 years of existence, in October 2017, we decided to rewrite the program from scratch and now you can check the new Megacubo 2018 (or V14).

The new version is not only more beautiful, but also more functional. Many features remain present, such as favorite sections, history, categories, keyboard shortcuts, etc. But let’s get to the news:


IPTV Packages

Instead of our old *. MCP format now the program works with packages in the format *. m3u8, which makes it compatible with the so-called “IPTV lists”, which are already well spread today. This change brings three advantages:

1. Lighter: The old MCP format was a compressed file containing an XML file for each channel, if a packet had 1,000 channels, for example, to read the package the program had to decompress and interpret these 1,000 small files. The new standard format, the M3U8, is a playlist in simple and non-compressed format, to read a package of 1,000 channels the program does not need to decompress anything and need to read only one file.

2. Freedom: Unlike before, where you received a ready, limited, and centralized list, you can now install packages updated by various sources and with miscellaneous content.

With a quick Google search for “IPTV list updated” You will discover numerous package options, some with more than 9,000 transmissions, between channels and content. You can even keep your own list if you wish.

There are also paid IPTV lists that guarantee HD quality and availability for a reasonable price.

3. It didn’t work? Change the package: When a channel does not work, you no longer need to “wait to update the list”, just pick up another more updated package, which you find on Google, in Youtube videos or in the numerous groups about IPTV on Facebook. The program allows you to register as many lists as you want, the more lists, more sources of content. Learn more about how to add or remove packages on this link.


Goodbye IE, hello Chrome!

For a long time users have complained about the program using Internet Explorer internally. “Do you have to install Internet Explorer 10 or 11? Why? “,” I cannot install and so I can not use the program “,” Why do not use Google Chrome in place? “.

Well, the winds have changed, now the program really is using Google Chrome internally, more specifically Chromium, which is the base of Google Chrome. With this we improve the performance and security of the program.

The best part, is that you do not need to worry about downloading or installing Chromium, Google Chrome or whatever it is, now the correct version is already embedded in the program, this has left the installer much larger, but the advantages compensate. Even by that, if your Internet is fast to watch videos online, download the installer will not be any problem.



The Megacubo 2018 was developed using NW. JS, which allows the program to rotate in Windows, Linux and Mac.

For Windows, you can count on our installer that in a few clicks will already leave the program running on your computer.

Already for other operating systems such as good old Linux, while there is no more appropriate installation method, you can download the latest NW file on our GitHub. To run this NW file, which is a renamed ZIP file, you will need to download and install the “normal” version of NW.js.


100% OpenSource

Many years ago the Megacubo is already “open source”, however the language and the format in which it was written (PHP + Winbinder) complicated a little for other people to understand the project.

Now, the project is written in Javascript (Node. js) and has its GitHub, where you can study every detail of the operation of the program, suggest ideas, report bugs or even send your “pull request” with improvements to contribute to the project.

So you can enjoy the new version without getting lost in the “but how does it work?”, click here to check how to add and remove packages.