How to find IPTV lists for Megacubo?

In this article we will show you how to recognize and find IPTV lists on the web.


How to recognize a list?

An IPTV list is an M3U or M3U8 file containing a list of broadcast addresses. These files may have another extension (such as * .txt) or none at all, the important thing is that its contents, when opened with “Notepad” for example, are in a format similar to the one below:

Note the markings “# EXTM3U” and “#EXTINF”, if the file has these markings, it is an IPTV list compatible with the Megacubo.


Find lists

These lists are easy to find, be it through a friend, a Google search, groups about IPTV on Facebook or on blogs like Source TV.


Add lists

You can add a list through your address (http:// or https://) or from a file on your computer. Adding from address is the recommended way, as this will keep the list “auto-updated”. Megacubo will periodically connect to the address you provide to always pick up the most current version from the list.

To add it, let’s say your list address is:

You can simply press Ctrl + U on the Megacube, paste the address and hit enter.

Already to add a file from the computer, simply drag this file and drop it in the Megacubo window. Once this is done, the “Added list” message in the upper left corner of the screen should appear in a few seconds.


Remove lists

If a list has too many out-of-the-air transmissions, it’s possible that it is no longer being updated by its maintainer. To resolve, simply remove this list and find a more up-to-date list or use the others you previously added. To remove the list, in the program menu go to IPTV Lists, click on Delete Lists and then click the list that you want to remove.

Toggle lists
The program allows you to add lists infinitely, but only one list is active at a time. To change the active list and to check the content options of each one simply enter the program in IPTV Lists and click on the list that you want to activate. That simple.

Note: The program search tool searches all lists added simultaneously.


Quality Lists

If you want lists with superior image quality and guaranteed availability, your best option is the so-called “paid lists”, which you can easily find on sites like MyFulliTV and are compatible with the program.