How to find content on Megacubo?

Megacubo began the year of 2018 as an IPTV player, but with the addition of new features the possibilities you have with the program now go much further. This short article will show you in a quick and direct way all the possibilities that the program offers, such as access to content via torrent and Youtube.


As of version 14.4.2, Megacubo re-organized the channels by basic categories, when opening the program you just need to click on Channels and then click on the category of your preference to see the list of channels. Easy and practical.

Use the search!

The program’s search system is quite “powerful”. You just need to click the search icon (or press the F3 key) and type the name of a channel, movie, drawing or series, try it!
That way, if the channel you’re looking for is popular, you’ll have no trouble finding multiple streams of it, just test the results to find a stream that’s working. You can automate the results test by clicking Test the transmissions below, this option will test all links in the background, open the first one that works and automatically move to the end of the list all the search results that not work.

If the channel or content you are looking for is not found, you can increase the level of the program search by following the steps below, but note that this may make the search and opening of the program a bit more time-consuming.

1. Open the program and click Options > Tune.

2. Uncheck “Ignore broadcasts on web pages“.

3. Click “Search Reach” and choose “Extreme“.

IPTV Lists

The IPTV lists, widely used in programs like Kodi and the like, are something we can love and hate. Love therefore gives access to live broadcasts of various channels, all without advertisements, and hate, therefore, when free, broadcasts are subject to disappear “from one day to the next”, which may occur when the person who is broadcasting the content desist from doing so or the broadcast is removed from the broadcast site due to various issues.

These lists can be found easily and are supported by Megacubo, you just need to click the Open File icon (or press the Ctrl + U keys), paste the list address (starting with http:// or https://) and press Enter.

If you do not have the patience to test the transmissions and just want to “click and watch directly”, a great option are the so-called “paid lists”, which you can find on several sites like Free Market or IPTV Choice and usually have prices well accessible.

“Watching” torrents

In Megacubo, as of version 14.2.2, you can watch torrents via magnet links, usually depicted on torrent sites with a magnet icon. This opens doors so you can watch your movies and favorite series in great quality, free of charge and without waiting for the download to finish, you watch a movie, for example, a few seconds or minutes after opening it in the Megacubo, the time to start varies only according to the speed of your connection and the popularity of each torrent.

To facilitate, Megacubo offers an integrated search of the program, to access it click Search and then Search Magnet.

If you prefer, you can find the desired content on the torrent site of your choice and simply drag the magnet link to the Megacubo window to watch it.