About the Premium

Megacubo Premium is an innovative proposal, with it you have access to exclusive features in the program without having to shell out a penny.

How it works

Usually to use the Premium version of a program, you have to shell out some swaps.

However, the Megacubo Premium can be downloaded and used freely, in exchange for the safe sharing of some of the idle resources of your computer (bandwidth) for the benefit of other people.

Note that only the idle features of your computer can be shared, this will not affect the speed of your computer or connection.

Buy Premium

You can purchase a license key to activate Megacubo Premium, so you can enjoy Premium features without sharing your computer’s features. To know how to purchase the Premium license key click here.

Megacubo without Premium resources

If you prefer, you can always use the free version of the program, clicking on “Use in limited mode” option. This version does not require you to share any features at the cost of losing some special features in the program.